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We are here to introduce you to sailing and cruising, in our sailboats or yours. Learn to sail during our day classes and practice sails, three day condensed courses or come and cruise for a 5 day trip. You will leave with your Basic Cruising Certificate, Coastal Navigation, Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC) and VHF Marine Radio (ROC-M (DSC)) if you want to take the courses and learn basic sailing skills. We are available to help you get your, new to you, boat home from the place you bought it.

Sign up in advance and get materials for home study. Then we go for some sailing lessons and learn on the water skills and practice theory. At the end of the sailing course you write the Sail Canada exam. You’ll be certified, you’ve learned a skill and have had a vacation. Our Introduction to Sailing has no studying involved and can be done by anyone, any age.

We have three boats available so that we can meet your schedule. Starlight and Aloha 32, Is mostly used for the 5 day trips but is also available for day trips and three day courses, Prime Time a Catalina 27 is available for day trips and 3 day courses and Sea Wolf a 26ft. Wooden Folk Boat is here for day trips and 3 day cruise and learns.

Also available: Boat Moving, Scuba Diving, Boat Cleaning, Boat Watch and Maintenance.

Basic sailing skills in Sooke, BC with Starlight Sailing Adventures.
Learn how to sail on the West coast of British Columbia, Canada
Sailing instruction for beginners from Sooke, on the West coast of British Columbia, Canada. Near Victoria Nanaimo and Vancouver.
Whale watching while learning to sail in Sooke, BC with Starlight Sailing Adventures.

Covid-19 updates: Starlight Sailing is following

Sail CanadaBC Sailing, Return to Sport and WorkSafe BC Covid-19 procedures.

 We are operating as normal before Covid

In order to sail with us at this time there are Covid restrictions applied.

You can request that masks are worn but it is not required.

You can request a bubble group if you are concerned about contracting Covid

If you have or show any signs of having Covid or have been exposed please reschedule or cancel.

Each participant and their family must assess their own individual risk of exposure to COVID-19 acknowledging that engaging in any activity outside of one’s home at this time exposes a person to the risk of contracting COVID-19 even if all precautions and protocols are adhered to. If a participant is a member of a family or lives with a person who has underlying medical condition(s) they must not participate. If any participant’s family member has any of the above-noted COVID-19 symptoms, they must remain home, self-quarantine and not participate in sailing activities.


Basic sailing skills in Sooke, BC with Starlight Sailing Adventures.

I can’t believe how lucky I was to find the ‘Starlight Adventures’ team.

 Gord sailed my ‘new-to-me’ boat from Gabriola Island to Sooke – teaching two relatively novice sailors en-route with great patience and equanimity (and, believe me, a lot of equanimity was needed!) Our 3-day sail was fabulous!

 Since arriving in Sooke, I have been reviewing the Basic Cruising curriculum with Mitch and Dallas. Both are excellent sailors and teachers – and are both so obviously passionate about teaching sailing. In the last few weeks, I have seen my knowledge and confidence grow exponentially – and feeling so supported.

 If you are like me, and have completed Basic Sailing (and even several years of sailing on other people’s boats!) but still lack the confidence to captain your own boat, call on Gord, Mitch and Dallas. They will get you sailing! Mary Dupuis

Introduction to Sailing

for beginners and those who just want to sail!

You can start with the 3 to 4 hour Introduction to Sailing / Boating Course where you will learn safety, and leaving and returning to the dock. The rest of the time we will be out sailing and you can get a feel for what it is like to sail or just practice up on your long forgotten skills.  Start your Sail Canada Accreditation now with this class. Returning for practice sails is at a reduced rate. So come often!

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Package Deals 

Check out our Lunch and Learn if you would like a catered lunch on the boat by Road to Sooke Cafe 

Start Keelboat Sailing

An entry level sailing course in the series of Sail Canada courses on sailing keelboats and on cruising. Good for individuals with minimal practical on water experience. This entry level course builds basic sailing skills with a focus on operation of the vessel as crew. Candidates completing this course will be able to competently contribute as crew to the operation of a keelboat in moderate daytime conditions. This standard is recommended for those with little boating or sailing experience that want to experience sailing on a keelboat and begin to build basic sailing skills in a relaxed environment and at a comfortable pace.

Basic Cruising Standard

This is an entry level course by Sail Canada on sailing keelboats and on cruising. You can do this course on a five day vacation on the water or take it one day a week. It develops the student’s ability to take command of and operate (with assistance of competent crew) an auxiliary powered sailing vessel, by day, in light to moderate conditions. Basic boating skills are developed under sail and power with a focus on operation of the vessel as both crew and skipper. Individuals with minimal practical on water experience should consider completing the Start Keelboat Sailing standard before attending for this training.

Maritime Radio Course

We offer the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron, VHF Maritime Radio Course. ROC-M (DSC) The course teaches emergency radio procedures and everyday operating techniques. To operate a maritime radio, you need the certificate. Learn all about the uses of marine radios, choice of frequencies, operation, phonetic alphabet, procedural words and phrases, as well as Digital Selective Calling and the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System, (DSC/GMDSS). Can be combined with the Basic Cruising Standard 5 day Cruise Course or taken alone, you can study the book and we’ll give you a review and exam.

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